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MAHLSTEDT GALLERY proudly announces their representation of the internationally award-winning artist Olivier Lamboray.

Lamboray, a Belgian surrealist painter, is on year 22 of his artistic journey filled with dedication and discovery. Projecting a harmonious balance of whimsical color pallets with the seductive mystery of surrealism, the artist explores the dynamic shapes of architecture through their relationships with color and their manipulated surroundings. The presence of animals in his works reflects both the great value of all spectra of life and the compassion he holds for it.

Through his mastery of classic painting techniques and his vast experience as a world traveler, Olivier Lamboray creates a multilayered representation of his continuous search for balance between illusion and reality with each piece.

Lamboray’s works have garnered international acclaim and have been featured on the front covers of American Art Book and Art Quench Magazine. He has also been hosted as an honorary guest for numerous art expositions around the word as a result of his high achievements.

Mahlstedt Gallery is thrilled to represent Olivier Lamboray, a visionary of modern surrealism.


To view more of Olivier Lamboray’s work, log on to see his collection at www.jam415.com
For more information, contact Oshi Rabin art@jam415.com

Dreaming in Papa's Studio

Dreaming in Papa’s Studio“, by Olivier Lamboray



Art Expo NY 2015 – Mahlstedt Gallery, featuring a special appearance by artist Maurice Sapiro!


Thimble Island

MAHLSTEDT GALLERY proudly announces a rare public appearance by acclaimed artist MAURICE SAPIRO at ART EXPO NY on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  The internationally heralded Realist painter, photographer and sculptor will sign limited edition prints at Mahlstedt Gallery’s booth #128 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

Maurice Sapiro is widely considered one of Realism’s most respected talents, with a breathtaking career spanning over 60 years.   As anyone who studies his work can attest, his ability to perceive, capture, and transpose light and color onto canvas is unlike any other. As obsessed with the process as with the product, the lushly and complexly layered oils can take almost a year to finish— dreamy landscapes and skyscapes with points or sweeps of other-worldly light  – “You keep working on it until it’s breathing on its own.”

An author as well, his books have sold over 48,000 copies and have been considered authoritative classics in the classroom and the studio for over 30 years.

Sapiro’s lifetime dedication to his art has culminated in dozens of lauded exhibitions and many awards.

Maurice Sapiro is represented exclusively by Mahlstedt Gallery.

For more of Maurice Sapiro’s work MAHLSTEDT GALLERY MAURICE SAPIRO

For more information, contact Oshi Rabin art@jam415.com

For press and interview requests, contact Kristin Shane Kristin@KBbrandpartners.com

Mahlstedt Gallery Welcomes Artist Philip McKay!

second-thoughts-smallMAHLSTEDT GALLERY proudly announces their exclusive representation of sensational UK-based digital artist Philip McKay.   The online exhibit of McKay’s works will launch on March 20, 2015.

McKay’s fusion of black and white photography with digital artistry evokes the existential exploration of being. Employing a variety of digital manipulation techniques, filters, lenses and time exposures, the artist embraces light as a study in solitude, the vastness of space and the transience of time.   The resulting imagery expresses the uniquely surrealist vision of one of the world’s most famous digital artists today.

A Liverpool native, McKay’s interest in photography was instilled in him at an early age, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he made the transition to the realm of “digital surrealism”.  In combining his technical methodology with a singular, dream-like aesthetic, Philip McKay both challenges and augments the concept of traditional photography as an artistic medium.  His images do not merely capture moments in time, but create a surrealist reflection of the world and our space within.

mcaky album cover

Philip McKay’s work has place of pride among sterling contemporary collections throughout the United Kingdom.  As a pillar of digital artistry, McKay has also designed a variety of books and album covers and most recently worked in collaboration with famed film composer, Michael Price (Lord of the Rings, Quantum of Solace).   Mahlstedt Gallery is thrilled to represent Philip McKay, a surrealist visionary of modern digital composition.   

Farewell to DUMBO Arts Fest

Many New Yorkers would say that the best way to welcome the Spring months is to spend many sun drenched afternoons touring and taking in the DUMBO Arts Festival. This once up and coming neighborhood, now considered one of the most trendy and coveted real-estate markets, is the perfect backdrop to this festival that celebrates life and free thinking.

Yet like the saying goes, it became too much of a good thing. It was like a party that got too exciting and got shut down by the cops. Blame the neighbors.

Founded in 1997 the festival was initially established as a grass roots artists’ initiative designed to attract people to experience art in DUMBO in order to preserve the neighborhood as a springboard for new art and ideas.

Recent news has informed that the iconic festival has concluded its 18 year run and will not be returning in 2015. The neighbors complained.

Now, in all fairness we can’t really blame the residents. Here’s a snippet from the farewell letter written by the festival’s director:

“…as the festival grew and grew–more than 220,000 visitors flooded the neighborhood for the festival weekend last year–it became clear that we could no longer mount the festival ourselves without commercializing it in a way that didn’t feel right. We were getting too far from the original mission of the festival.”

In other words, what was once celebrated for being underground has now become too mainstream to continue.

This news has really hit some of the festivals returning visitors really hard s many of them probably feel they are now left without an outlet to fulfill their appreciation for art.

But it’s important to remember what brought you out to the festival in the first place.

Beer in plastic cups? Food trucks? The ambience? Perhaps a little of all of those things but none of that truly mattered without the art that resonated around you.

The true intention behind the creation of art festivals is to celebrate art and frankly, to promote the artists and get them the necessary exposure to be successful.

Here are three way you can channel DUMBO Arts Festival vibes:


Mahlstedt Gallery http://www.jam415.com

1) Visit local art galleries. You’ve probably walked passed these hidden gems, not realizing the beauty that lies inside. Make it a ritual of visiting your favorite art spots once a month (the usual art rotation in most galleries) and keep an eye out for show openings. What not to love about an evening of conversing about art over a glass of wine?

2) Read your favorite up and coming artists’ blogs. Don’t have to time to make it to the galleries? Artist blogs are everywhere and so much fun to read. Most of the time the artists will post images of new works or works in progress along with open discussion forums of what their fans want to see in new works.


Mahlstedt Gallery will be part of Art Expo: NY http://www.jam415.com

3) Go to art expos. Perhaps not as flashy as art festivals, art expos will bring you all the art you could ever want under one roof. And unlike art festivals, art expos are held all year round since they aren’t obscured by harsh weather. Keep an eye out for Art Expo: NYC coming in April.

How to Incorporate Marsala Into Your Interior Design Based on Your Personality

Not too long ago, Pantone told us to break up with the youthful and peppy Radiant Orchid and bring home complex and sophisticated Marsala. Like most break-ups, we needed some time to transition and get over our separation anxiety. But now that we’ve had time to convince ourselves that we need to move on – it’s time to redecorate.

Here’s what you need to know about Marsala: Pantone describes it as “complex and full-bodied without overpowering.” It’ earthy, sophisticated, feminine and masculine, and a total bombshell of a color to work with.

Given the tone’s incredible adaptability, we’ve broken down the interior design process into three categories to lend you guys a hand. Simply read the descriptions of each personality type and pick the best one for you.

Happy decorating!

The Practical Accessorizer

For all you frequent Groupon-ers with slight commitment issues. You want to be with the times and decorate your sensible abode with Marsala but don’t want to break the bank or commit too strongly to a fad.

You want things you can easily toss in the bin of “Seasonal Decorations” or incorporate somehow into that extra room you use as a guest room/storage space. “Practical Accessorizers” run lists of “pros and cons” and will think through an idea over and over until they feel completely secure in their decision. And that’s okay. If you consider yourself one of this clan, you’re place is probably impeccable and chic in its simplicity and lack of clutter. But on the down side, you may lack points in creativity.


Candles: Incorporating color into in your home decor is so easy with candles you will almost feel like you’re cheating. Why? Because they’re affordable, easy to find, and you can never have too many.  And the best thing about candles is that even if you grow tired of its color, you know it -like your regrets-  will melt away eventually.


Throw Pillows: Another simple way to include Pantone’s new favorite color into your home. Find some throw pillows and literally throw them on to your couch/chair/bed. Decorating has never been simpler.

The Compulsive Thrill-Seeker

Everyone knows someone of this breed. They’re the friend who goes bungee jumping in Nepal, pays full retail price for everything, and has zero regrets about their neck tattoo they got while backpacking in Austria.

If this is you then you already know that candles and pillows just aren’t going to cut it when it comes to revamping your space. You are all about revolutionizing and expressing every last whim. The answers to your desires are simple:


Accent Wall: Throw some paint on your wall. Go all out. Pick a wall in your living room and make it your Marsala wall. Now, any person with good taste will tell you that it’s important to break up a solid wall of color with some wall decor. If you’re thinking you’d like to step up your game and some art, feel free to skip to the next section.

Regardless of what you decide to do after, when you’re peeling away the last of the painter’s tape you’re going to love all the rich earthy vibes that will be flowing through your home.



Couch/Chair: Going bold to the extreme with the right amount of edginess is tricky. Accent furniture can take you there. Obtaining the right piece of accent furniture is  nothing short of a treasure hunt, but of course, you’re not one shirk away form a bit of adventure. A Marsala colored armchair would be an exquisite touch to a home library or living space.

The Art Collector

The last of our categories is reserved for those who know their Cabernet from their Chianti. Their Merlot from their Malbec. You enter their apartment and can’t tell if its the smell of fresh espresso and simply the scent of sophistication but something about their place just makes you want to live there. But the thing is, there’s no real mystery behind it. “The Art Collector” is someone who enjoys what many people call “the finer things in life.” And enjoying nice things does great things to the spirit. Good news for you is that you too can enjoy said luxuries.

Art Pieces: Fall in love with your space again by bringing a breath of life into your home and this can be done so seamlessly with a piece of fantastic art. Of course, everyone has unique tastes and buying art should be treated like an investment —an investment that has the potential to alter the way you view a room and how you feel in it. The right piece of art will do just that.

Below are some of our favorites that incorporate Marsala either as a central color or as a weaving thread that brings the piece to life.




Mahlstedt Gallery At This Year’s Expo New York

For over 35 years, Art Expo New York has been the hub for art collectors, designers, and enthusiasts across the country. Attendees are given the opportunity to view and acquire works of art of each genre, medium, and style.  Every year, Art Expo New York attracts over 400 artists to exhibit works on the show floor.

Mahlstedt Gallery is proud to present some of our incredible artists to this elite group. Among these are Maurice Sapiro, MALO, Gary Patick, and Guillermo De Rosa, who will be joining the ranks of other world renowned artists featured at this year’s Art Expo New York 2015. The Mahlstedt Gallery booth will feature realism landscapes by Sapiro, vibrant abstracts by Patick, the urban mural finesse of MALO, and pop art by De Rosa. Each of these artists cover a spectrum of subtle to bold works that are sure to both fascinate and inspire all.

Throughout the duration of the expo, we’ll be showcasing various pieces from each artist, so be sure to stop by often. Further, these artists will be present at the Mahlstedt Gallery booth to sign pieces and meet buyers. Stay tuned for more information, including dates, times, and RSVP details.

Mahlstedt Gallery not only represents some of the best talent in the art world, but also offers one-of-a-kind advisement as a leading art consultation firm. Our services are always available, but at this year’s expo, you can get a taste of what we offer by visiting the Mahlstedt Gallery booth.

For more information, please reach us at art@jam415.com and be on the look-out for additional details on Mahlstedt Gallery at Art Expo New York 2015 in the near future.

We have a BIG announcement!

Touch Of Modern and Mahlstedt Gallery invite you!

Join us for a 5 day event on

Featuring Mahlstedt Gallery’s exclusive pieces by Maurice Sapiro!
Limited edition prints will be available from 9/1/2014 – 9/5/2014.

Stay tuned for a direct link to the sale.

Mahlstedt Gallery’s Exclusive Representation of Gary Patick

gpNew Rochelle, New York━Mahlstedt Gallery is pleased to announce the

exclusive representation of abstract painter Gary Patick, whose passion

for artistic expression has contributed to his success throughout his career.

Currently based in NYC, Gary Patick has been featured in various shows

in the New York metropolitan area and is often praised for his vibrant and

unique contemporary style.

For form information please contact the gallery at 914.246.0526 or email


Mahlstedt Gallery is Proud to Exclusively Represent Award-Winning Artist, Maurice Sapiro


New Rochelle, New York━Mahlstedt Gallery is pleased to announce the exclusive representation of the award-winning artist Maurice Sapiro, whose works have been exhibited in various exhibitions throughout NYC and the northeast region. Currently living in Connecticut, Sapiro has been painting Realism still lifes for over 60 years and continues to amaze and inspire art enthusiasts with his unique ability to capture and translate nature through light and color.

Maurice Sapiro - Lands End 24x30

For form information please contact the gallery at 914.246.0526 or email art@jam415.com

Mahlstedt Gallery 415 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, Westchester, NY, 10801

Public Art: Making Our Cities More Beautiful

If you’ve ever traveled to a major city and have noticed and admired a statue in a park or a mural on the side of a building, you have been artistically moved by a piece of public art. Commissioned with the intention of both beautifying and enriching the surrounding area, public art is by definition any kind of artwork that is accessible to any and every one. A common false assumption is that public art is funded solely by public finds. However, that is not always the case considering how a good portion of public art is either donated by patrons or artists themselves. Classic examples of public art include commemorative statues and sculptures as mentioned before, along with murals, outdoor paintings, and fountains. But public art can also be a bit more discreet when one stops to consider the architecture of restored historical buildings – that too is a form of public art.Tree Falls Photography - Mahlstedt Gallery - 66 Downtown New Rochelle has some fantastic examples of public art – among the most notable is the exhibition of the fleur de lis artist competition during the recent art walk. MALO, represented by Mahlstedt Gallery, was one of the artists selected to paint one of the 5-foot sculptures. 1002888_10203745919355426_4670094736247388952_n   Aside from aesthetic beauty, this project evoked thoughts about international culture and history – all in honor of the city’s 325th anniversary.

As you can see, this wasn’t MALO’s first time creating public art.


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